Hillway tea is exclusively produced in Ceylon and is presented by the most popular blends. Hillway is for true connoisseurs of the highest quality tea.
ROYAL CEYLON Classic black tea
Pack: 100 g loose tea, 25 tea-bags and 100 tea-bags.
Black tea with Earl Grey flavour
Pack: 100 g loose tea, 25 tea-bags.
Classic green tea
Pack: 100 g loose tea, 25 tea-bags.
Green tea with Jasmine flavour
Pack: 25 tea-bags.
Fresh Lemon Country Thyme Forest Berries
Black tea with lemon Black tea with thyme Black tea with forest berries
Juicy Mango Ginger  
Herbal tea with mango flavor Black tea with ginger  
Hillway Collection in foiled sachets represents the combination of premium quality Ceylon black tea and pieces of fruits and berries. The wide range of flavors provides free choice for any tea connoisseur and herbal tea lovers will discover the new taste of rooibos with mango.